Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Nettie Bee from Fife

Nettie Bee and her family lived in the Rosemount Buildings in Edinburgh, Scotland,  and sent and received some of the loveliest postcards.

The message on the back of the card, sent  to Nettie Bee from Fife in 1919, reads:
Dear Nettie, This is just a lovely spot + no need to walk far. Only I don't see much hope of any one nice to blick all  ____?_  compri: excuse the spelling, it's only the strong air. Hoping for  a letter from home tomorrow.  Love to All,  Yours,  _____

Click here to see lots more cards to and from the Bee family.


  1. Ohhhh, what a gorgeous postcard!!! They really had some interesting hair do's back then. Very pretty in a strange kinda way (LOL) :~).

  2. Beautiful woman on a fine card. The stamp's great too.

  3. Nettie Bee is a delightful name. Lovely postcard.

  4. Especially of interest to me as I had loads of relatives living in both Fife & Edinburgh at this time.Im not too sure where The Rosemount Buildings are?I must ask Mr Google to investigate!

  5. Chitter, one who chit-chats.

    If not a profile in courage, then a profile in sepia.



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