Sunday, April 10, 2011

Streetcar Sunday - Karlsruhe, Germany

Karlsruhe is located in southwest Germany near the French border. Karlsruhe translates roughly as Karl's rest - and indeed the Margrave Karl Wilhelm rests right under that pyramid shown in the middle of the postcard.

Karlsruhe has seven tram routes and an interconnected tram/train network that has served as the model for other German cities. The trams and trains share tracks throughout the region, allowing for seamless integration and convenient transfers. I guess it's no surprise that it works well. The question is why other countries don't adopt similar systems.


  1. Great postcard, I visited Karlsruhe in the 1980s, but I don't remember seeing the pyramid (and I know I would have found that interesting), I will have to look out the (modern) postcards I have and see if I took any photos.

  2. Love the beautiful handwriting on the backs of some of these postcards.

  3. Very interesting content, front and even back.
    Small pyramid, small Big Ben...anything else small in Karlsruhe, "markt" as such? :)

  4. Boy! That pyramid really sticks out doesn't it. But the streetcars really make up for it.

  5. beautiful card and composition, despite the odd pyramid.



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