Thursday, November 19, 2009

Looking for a Sweetheart

The message reads:
How would you like to meet John's wife?
John's Wife

John's wife sent this to Celia Finnegan, but didn't get the right address. It seems Miss Finnegan was familiar with John, but not with his wife, or maybe even the fact that he had a wife. I don't know if Celia got the hint, but John's wife certainly seems to have a sense of humor, especially considering the postcard she chose.


  1. Intrigue! What a chuckle! John's wife was a feisty one:)

  2. How wonderful, how funny! I laughed and laughed over this one--I wonder if he got the rolling pin when John got home???

    Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy PFF!

  3. Wonderful, intriguing (I use Marie's word) card and message! Happy PFF! :)

  4. This is too funny! Wonderful!!!! Happy PFF!

  5. She looks like a ring/cage fighter. Let's get it on!

  6. Hmm, there could be quite a story behind this one! :)

  7. My first thought was, she must be an early WWF beauty. My second thought was, if she was in the ring to fight they would ruin the lovely decore placed around and her beautifly dress.....I think I read to much into it.:)

  8. John's wife is my new favorite person



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