Sunday, November 8, 2009

Streetcar Sunday - Elmira, NY

It's Streetcar Sunday, so here's another postcard featuring a tram or streetcar. It seems like just about every town had one. Some still exist or have been brought back, but most have been gone for decades.

Elmira is located in upstate New York near the Pennsylvania border. Mark Twain met and married his wife here, and they continued to spend summers in Elmira for more than twenty years. They are also both buried here.

The city currently has a population of about 30,000, although it was as high as 50,000 at its peak. Elmira served as a vital transportation hub, connecting Rochester and Buffalo with Albany and New York City via railroad and canal systems. Elmira's streetcar system was discontinued in 1939.


  1. Your Sunday series makes me long to ride a streetcar!

    Thanks for such an interesting blog - I think of post cards in a different light now. I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger award in my post today.


  2. I'm pretty sure that this is my favourite from your tram - sorry streetcar - series! You can see the streetcars quite clearly and I love the symmetry.
    Evelyn in Montreal

  3. Ich liebe diese alten Strassenszenen.
    Die Karte ist toll.



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