Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cherub with Phone

Since when do cherubs talk on the phone anyway? Well, at least it's not a cell phone.

It must be hard to type on a textured card like this, but it didn't stop Anna Calway, who was writing to her friend Nancy Davis in Merrifield, New York.  Only at the end did she add a couple of handwritten words, including: "Don't mind how this is written" on the side.


  1. What a great postcard, and a bizarre mix of typing and writing.

  2. I think I like the quite irregular
    typing best of all ! It looks as if
    she had quite a time keeping it in
    the roller ... .


  3. Almost looks like mimeograph fluid . . . and, remember, jjj, the roller was called a paper bail:D- Never could understand that piece of nomenclature. Jack/Y-town

  4. I noticed the phone on the front is "wireless". I guess those cherubs were onto something a long time ago. I'm speechless about the typing on the back. Do you realize how bad a person hated to write or either hated their handwriting to have to put up with that loose typewriter!

  5. Too cute! I am surprised to see that people typed PCs - I've seen a few, but you are right, it seems it would be hard, not to mention damage the card!

  6. I'm amazed that someone was typing informal correspondence in 1913 (or is it 1917?). What a surprise. The writing tips down at the bottom not because the bail was loose but because it was the end of the card. Anna had to push the top of the card down to keep it in place to type. No doubt that last line was typed one-handed. That chatty little cherub is adorable.

  7. Good detective work Nancy, no one under 25 would have figured that out...



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