Monday, September 13, 2010

Greetings from the Mayo Clinic - #1

This is the first of two cards that Estace sent to Norma McCarthy from his eventful visit to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
The card seems to have gotten wet. I didn't worry about that until I read the next card, which I will post tomorrow. The message on this one reads:
Dear Norma -
I'm still among the living altho they thought I was a goner for awhile! Was out from 1:45 AM or so until after midnight. The doctor sent my sister home but she knew I was bad and could not sleep. I came too with a Dr.  + 2 nurses over me. Had a special nurse for day but I snapped out of it soon.  You know I always had a good come back even if I did look like a living corpse. Well I hope as soon as I get better will be able to see you so I'm planning on coming out before I take off for sunshine. Dr. orders. I'll write you more later. By By and hope this finds you all well. Love Estace
will be at 5530 Horger St. Dearborn, Mich.


  1. Now you have me hooked. I will be back tomorrow.

  2. Yep, will be keeping an eye open for the next installment for sure.

  3. I guess you've got me on the line, too, Christine.:-D Two quick points: (1) Unlike fountain pen inks of the 1940s, today's FP inks include an array of water-resistant (sometimes referred to as "bullet-proof") inks; (2) I'd give a nickel to know Estace's diagnosis. Jack/Youngstown



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