Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fish Special

So many fish!  Don't forget to read this previous post if you want to know more about the French tradition of April Fish. This young fellow in his adorable outfit appears to have an abundance of fish. The message at the bottom of the card says: I address you with pleasure.


  1. I love these fish postcards! lol I think it has to do with France and April Fool's Day! This is gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful and so ornate. Fish was always eaten on friday. In fact I cooked it myself last friday and told my hubby we should have it every friday. It is a Christian thing to do in memory of Good Friday when we never eat meat. Simply lovely.

  3. I assume in France you could walk around dressed like that without the fear of your peers beating the crap out of you... Perhaps he is just good at using a fish as a weapon, in which this case, he would be packing serious heat.



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