Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Here are some views from a postcard folder of Hendersonville, North Carolina. No hurricanes in sight, but I'm not sure I like they way FDR is looking at those young women.

The historic Skyland Hotel is still standing, but it's now condos/apartments. You can rent one for about $500 per month. Here's a description of Hendersonville. It may be a little dated, but I love that they use the word salubrious in the text. How often does anyone say salubrious anymore?


  1. It looks like Jefferson had the manners not to stare. Souvenir postcards are always nice because the inside images are always crisp and colorful since they stay hidden from light over the years.

  2. Ha! Salubrious indeed! I remember those FDR stamps as a kid, so these vintage postcards are now getting personal!

  3. What fun! As I live uphill just a few miles away in Asheville, NC I can appreciate the exaggeration necessary to make Hendersonville into a more attractive place. Much of the early tourism was for relief from chronic "medical" conditions. The South Carolina heat being one. Tuberculosis was another. Many mountain communities, though Hendersonville is more flat than sloped, were established at a time when doctors thought most of what ails us was caused by the "bad air" of cities.



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