Friday, October 28, 2011

Lovelights Bussing

This bussing has nothing to do with four wheels. We're talking about kisses here.

 Bussing Meaning and Definition from Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Buss \Buss\ (b[u^]s), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Bussed (b[u^]st); p. pr. & vb. n. Bussing.] To kiss; esp. to kiss with a smack, or rudely. ``Nor bussed the milking maid.'' --Tennyson. Kissing and bussing differ both in this, We buss our wantons, but our wives we kiss. --Herrick.

Other definitions do not offer a distinction between bussing and kissing, but refer to a relationship to the French word for kissing (baiser) or Welsh and Gaelic words for lips (bus).

These postcards were released in 1909 just about the time the tungsten filament light bulb was being introduced. That's not to say that the events are related in any way, although it's a possibility.
Here are the backs of the cards, which are almost as fun!

The message to Miss Myrl Grose of Muncie, Indiana, reads:

Dear Friend Myrl. I have not heard from you and I want you to write because i am getting kind lonesom down here because you dont write so be sure and write if nothing is the matter
I love my hugging But oh your Kisses,,
Be sure and write me onley get a bout a week and half to work and I will be up their.
By By
From Yours truley
Emerson Hiday (?)
Brightwood 2138 Denot St.(?) 

 Interesting that the back of the last one is different.

Be sure to stop by Sepia Saturday, where you may see a different kind of bus. You can see more cards from the Lovelights series here at Postcard Roundup, and here at Postcardy.


  1. Another postcard series I had never seen before! Lovely cards and messages.

  2. Carry on bussing is all I can say to this. Beats omnibuses anyway.

  3. I’d heard of that definition before but never saw it illustrated so well.

  4. lovely card, and especially the writing. Hugs are vabulous too, but oh yes kissing, and kisses are a whole lot better than any bus any day! Unless maybe you're running late for work?!!!!

  5. I've seen the first postcard, but not the other two. I just love that series!

  6. I like bus postcards, but oh that BUSSING!!!

  7. Quite interesting to link what was high-tech at the time with age-old romance- I guess if you hit an emotional nerve though, you might sell alot of light bulbs... The crazy off-kilter handwriting on the first card seems to be a manifestation of Emerson's lonesome longing for huggin' and kissin' on Miss Myrl!

  8. Extraordinary cards ... "oh your kisses," he says ... my, my, my

  9. Aah, that's a real 'wish you were here' kind of message... ♥

  10. Christine, this was such a great find at the postcard show. Never heard of bussing before. I must say, French bussing just doesn't roll off the tongue well!ha!!!

  11. Love these cards. I've never seen ones with lightbulb lovers. How perfectly odd. And I love the message on the back. Wonder if he got any hugs and kisses when he got home.
    Nancy Javier
    Ladies of the grove

  12. I much adore this type of bussing. Love the postcards!

  13. So much more fun than the other type of bus(s).

  14. Such a very creative take on the theme! You are truly amazing. Definitely prefer bussing to buses.

  15. Very clever. I don't think the new spiral fluorescent bulbs would work the same way.

  16. I certainly didn't expect this kind of spin on the theme, but I do like the "let's kiss and make up" and what the chap had to say...



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