Monday, October 24, 2011

The Quiz Kids

The Quiz Kids were on the Blue Network on Sunday evenings. What was the Blue Network? It was a spinoff from NBC, which eventually became ABC. But this wasn't TV, it was radio. There were many very bright kids on this show, including Joel Kupperman, bottom left, who was able to do amazing calculations in his head. He now teaches philosophy at the university of Connecticut.

The Quiz Kids show was on the radio from 1940 until 1952. People were invited to send in questions, and if your question was selected, you received a radio as a prize. If your question was not selected, you got a postcard like this one, with your address typed on the card by a secretary at the Blue Network. I can't imagine anyone getting a reply at all these days.

The question weren't easy either. Here's a sample:

1. What popular American dessert would you get if you joined up the last name of a 1948 pitcher of the Cleveland Indians with the nickname of the 1927 third baseman of the Pittsburgh Pirates? 

2. What three explorers' last names begin with "La, De and Da?”

3. Arrange the first letters of the four major meatpacking companies so as to spell a branch of the United States armed forces.

4. Why would Pennsylvania and protactinium remind you of the third Sunday in June?

5. What fish spelled backwards is the name of a famous general? 

Let me know if you are able to answer these. I'm going to try spelling fish names backwards to find that general's name...Nomlas? Tuort? Hcrep? Elos?  Tubilah?


  1. 1 lemon pie
    2 La Salle, Da Gama, De Soto
    3 ?
    4 Protactinium=PA, Pennsylvania=PA, father's day
    5 Eel

  2. great post!! have now made me feel "stoopid"!!!

  3. Wow, impressive that Rob got most of them! I keep trying to think of meat packing plants, just come up with Hormel which gets me nowhere. I have a few old versions of Go to the Head of the Class, and the questions are incredibly difficult. By the way, there is a Quiz Kids paper doll book, too.

  4. Hmmm, 3's a tough one, but meatpacking and armed services, definitely a connection there..

  5. Very cool card - I would not do well on the show!



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