Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paris, not just in the spring

Paris anytime! I know people who swear that it's best to visit Paris in the dead of winter.  Others claim it's a good idea to visit Paris during the month of August when all the Parisians are somewhere else. Is it ever the wrong time to visit Paris? Whatever your preference, there's so much to see and do in Paris that it almost doesn't matter when you go. I would like to be there to hear the horse-drawn carriages on the Champs-Élysées, but I think I'm a little late.

I like the idea of traveling to Europe by ship instead of by plane too. It's not the norm these days, but I guess it can be done. I'll just dust off my steamer trunks.

The first card doesn't have a message on the back, but the second one does. Edith sent this card to Mr. and Mrs. W. Abbott in Chicago in 1930. Here's her message:

Dear Folks -
This is some town - and I don't mean maybe. Will have to have a good memory to remember all we have seen - Hope to get our tickets to sail tomorrow - oh, for a calm sea - 
Love to all -


  1. Paris is great any time you visit -- I've been there is all four seasons and love them all. Great postcards. Just think of all the souvenirs you could bring home in a steamer trunk!

  2. I think I've travelled to Europe more by cross channel ferry/hoverspeed and then train rather than flying. I didn't go back 100 years to do it either ;). I always liked long distance train travel apart from having to haul my own luggage on and off.
    Lovely postcards.

  3. Paris, great and expensive city...There's a Paris in Virginia, with some 124 residents. Not nearly as [whatever].

  4. Lovely anytime, I would imagine. I was there in spring and summer, but can't imagine a time that wouldn't be right.

  5. I was there but two weeks ago and had a wonderful time. My first time there was a bit rushed, so this visit I was able to relax and get into the zeitgeist. And the catacombs!

  6. amazing post! u've done really excellent job!! thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  7. I must confess that I do find Paris a little loud and a little over-powering. Perhaps I need time to wander around the place and get used to it - but whenever I have been it has always been for short periods.

  8. "This is some town and I don't mean maybe." That has got to be the funniest description of Paris that I've ever read!!!ha!!!:)



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