Thursday, October 13, 2011

From Lizzie Graham to her Mother

Here's a card sent to Mrs. George Mable, Lizzie Graham's mother in 1917. I have posted a number of cards from the Graham family, some very animated, and all of them heartwarming. I have also posted a few photos, courtesy of Bernice Mable Graham Telian, Lizzie's daughter. There is something very special about the Graham family.

I wonder if the letter E was left off the word little on purpose?
Here's the back of the card.

The message reads:

Dear Mother - I got my C. yesterday and they are grand. Have been working ever since. Think they would be nice for you? ? Don't know when we will can come up, - the car isn't near ready.  We may go down to Tracy's folks awhile to morrow. I haven't done much this week, I guess it is the weather. Had a card from Aunt Jasmine (?) saying she thot (?) would come but not a word from Cooper's. I have written to them again. Lovingly, L.

On the side it says:

I want you to stop working so hard + I mean business. I'll come up next week some way.

If you want to see more cards and photos from the Graham family, go here.


  1. Sweet. Thanks for another good one.

  2. Very nice postcard and all these stories about Tracy Graham's family are very interesting.

  3. That's a nice design and a sweet card. I didn't notice the missing "e" until you pointed it out, but I think it's a mistake.

  4. The card is postmarked in Delhi, NY and sent there too- having gone to college in Delhi for a year, I'm not sure why Lizzie needed the car to get to her mom, since it is a pretty darn small town... I'm guessing that in 1917 alot of the folks out there still got around on horses too. I think they left the 'e' off 'little' on purpose to make the card a bit more quaint.

  5. I love the idea that there's a typo on the front. Hand lettering mistake. Oh boy did someone get a verbal lashing.



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