Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Biarritz, France - Part 2

The Rock of the Virgin in Biarritz, France was named after the statue of the Virgin Mary that was placed there in 1865.  It was Napoleon III who decided to make a tunnel through the rock and have it connect to the shore via a bridge.  The original bridge was wood, but the current bridge is a metal one built by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel-Tower fame.

In bad weather you can't cross the bridge, because the waves crash into it, although that didn't seem to stop these people:
The last card was mailed from Madrid on December 30th, 1911 to Madame Marie de Vignier in care of R.M. de Vignier. The message reads:
Many thanks dear Marie for your New Year's wishes, which we sincerely reciprocate. Remember us to Fernand and all of your children. Yours sincerely, your cousin and friend
Therese M. Vignier


  1. Lovely cards - I really like the black and white one where the waves are crashing over the bridge.

  2. As a person who has always had an affinity for bridges, I find this both interesting and beautiful. I think I'd be like the people in the postcard and could bring myself to walk across that bridge even on a stormy day!

  3. Christine, Several years ago I was in line at Disneyland in California when I overheard French being spoken ahead of me. I boldly introduced myself to the young couple and I will always remember that they told me I should visit Biarritz! This was their second trip to Disneyland but they refused to go to Disneyland Paris!ha!
    PS Your research on the Ostrich "dude" is impressive:) I think its interesting how masculine and feminine lines have been drawn since the turn of the century -- men with names like Francis and Laurie, little boys wearing dresses till they were 6 or 7....



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