Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life in the Army of Occupation

Here's an American soldier's hand-drawn postcard. I'm assuming it's from World War I because of the uniform, but I can't say for sure. Any thoughts?


  1. What an interesting card. My dad appreciated the cartoonist that hung around in the field while in WW2. The depicted life and opinions that no one else ever would publish.

  2. Could also be WW2 because at the beginning they were wearing old uniforms from WW1. I guess you're saying it wasn't sent so no postmark?

  3. T & L,
    The back is completely blank, unfortunately. However, I would think this has to be from the end of either war, since it's labeled as the Army of Occupation.

  4. What a superb find. Nothing like a hand-made drawing on an old postcard. I'm stumped on the WWI vs. WWII question. Guess the type of ink used could be a clue.

  5. Funny how the mind works. As I was reading this, I immediately thought of the poor police officers in AZ, who no doubt will get lots of folks screaming 'fresh' 'foul' and a few other things:(



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