Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ma Forgot the Potato Chips!

Who cares about the Knickerbocker Hotel? What I care about is that Ma forgot the potato chips. How could she?

The message from Ma (who forgot the potato chips!) reads:

Pat dearest,
Just got your card and delighted to hear from you. Sorry I forgot the potato chips; I didn't even see them anywhere. Mrs. Runyeon is here and sent her love to you.  (?) working hard at the convention and have not much time to play. Called Helen Krauel yesterday but couldn't get her. Will try again. Much love - Ma.

Lastly, I must admit that I wondered how Ma would feel that about her card being read by others some 66 years later.


  1. I posted this by mistake, but there you go. I blame it on Ma.

  2. I love these old cards of buildings where an artist was really involved and not just a dingy photo. The tiny tiny people shadows standing out front would be swallowed up by the cars. The perspective on the buildings is always so methodical and then they throw some sort of ringer in that throws the whole thing off. Lovely card.

  3. I love Ma's handwriting, especially the line over the capital M - it reminds me of a teacher I once had who must have been about Ma's age (or at least that how she seemed to this 4th grader!). I wonder what Ma was supposed to do with the potato chips? Also, is the postmark for 1944? If so, this was sent just a week after the D-Day landings.

  4. What a coincidence, they forgot to give me chips with my sandwich at the cafe at lunch today! Perhaps one of Ma's relatives works there....

  5. Wow, it is indeed a week after D-Day...and here we are talking about potato chips.
    By the way, the Hotel Knickerbocker is still open for business.



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