Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cornell University - Ithaca, New York

This is an affirmation. If you are a Cornell student and you're feeling a little blue, print this out and hang it on your wall.
The message, sent to Winifred Keeler in Union, New York in 1913 reads:
Jan., 19.
Only one week more before exams. How do you like this winter weather? Suppose you had a great time skating on the marsh. There has been only one day of skating here.


  1. Seems a somewhat dismal photo for such sweet sentiment... And with the quaint arts and crafts graphics, couldn't they at least try to get the text under the pic straight? The skating sounds good though, I enjoyed taking to the ice on the ponds of upstate NY as a kid, beats the heck out of some indoor rink.

  2. Skating on the marsh sounds a bit dangerous to me, but I like the 'genuine photograph' note.

  3. Good point on safety from Porch- the only times I recall people falling thru the ice were in marshy areas with lots of reeds, etc. which kept the ice from freezing uniformly.

  4. I had a friend, my best friend, Susan, she studied at Cornell University, obtained there her Doctorat in medieval Litterature (Villon'sTestament), she surely would have enjoy this card. She died when she was 42 years old in 1993 january. I am still missing her so much. Thank you for this postcard and the lovely text.



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