Friday, June 11, 2010

Kamehameha Day - Honolulu, Hawaii

Today is Kamehameha Day, a public holiday in the State of Hawaii (or Hawai'i.) It honors King Kamehameha, who first established the Kingdom of Hawaii, uniting the eight islands.  One of the most important traditions of the holiday is the draping of the statue of King Kamehameha with lots of 25-foot long floral tributes, which are created on site by volunteers throughout the day.  There are also parades, hula competitions and other events.

This photo and the next one were brought back from Hawaii by our favorite mailman, John Korinek, when he was stationed at Fort DeRussy in Honolulu after WWII. (Click here to see the previous post on John the Mailman.) So, this photo would probably from 1946 or 1947. The angle is a little strange, especially as King K. looks as if he has an extra head dress made from a palm tree.

The second photo is of Waikiki Beach, very crowded but missing the big hotels that are there now.  I can only imagine that the beach crowd is related to the military presence.


  1. Great photos. I will hold that picture of Waikiki Beach in my mind as I set off for the coast next week.

  2. The novel of the military in Hawaii is James Jones's From Here To Eternity. The movie is a classic, too.

  3. K.
    Thanks! Now I just need to decide - novel or movie? Or both?

  4. Wakiki Beach looks much better without the honkey tonk line of hotels. Thanks for visiting my crazy blog.



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