Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Victor Bicycles - Overman Wheel Co. - Part 2

This is a continuation of yesterday's post on the Victor Bicycling advertisement booklet by the Overman Wheel Co. There will be more tomorrow too!
Here are some of the beautiful illustrations:

I can't find any indication of who created the beautiful illustrations. No credits and no signature or initials.


  1. Hey thanks, Christine! I will put a link to the original post. I was wondering where I'd found this wonderful postcard! lol

    I absolutely adore these postcards, too. What marvelous finds.

  2. Klasse,
    die Häschen, die die radfahrenden Frauen bestaunen sind super.

  3. What wonderful illustrations, apart from the dresses (how did they manage) a great time to cycle. Songs to sing as well, I just concentrate on breathing.

  4. That is a fantastic booklet! I have a now vintage (circa late 1960s) jumbo postcard with a reproduction of an old Victor advertising poster.

  5. It really is perfect : so in keeping in style, substance and feelings with its time.



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