Friday, June 25, 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

I picked up this card in one of the local shops, and had every intention of going to the production. Unfortunately, the next time I picked up the card, the performances were all over.  I'm sorry I missed it, but I look forward to checking out a future performance by Blue Monkey Theater.
The card inspired me to find out more about Dr. Horrible and his video blog though.  It turns out that Dr. Horrible's  Sing Along Blog is a short musical video produced exclusively for internet distribution in 2008. Am I the only one who had never heard of it?  The story revolves around the lovable aspiring super-villain, Dr Horrible, his nemesis Captain Hammer, and their mutual love interest, Penny.

The Whedon brothers (writer/directors, and a composer) and Maurissa Tancharoen produced this gem during the WGA writers' strike. They wanted to produce something inexpensive, yet professional, that would also circumvent the issues that were at the heart of the strike. The short film ended up receiving numerous awards. Neil Patrick Harris (remember Doogie Howser?) does a great job as Dr. Horrible.

You can download it off iTunes, but not quite for free from the official Dr. Horrible site.


  1. That is funny! Say--Today is Postcard Friendship Friday--I would love to see you linked in today! It's lots of fun and people get to see your wonderful blog.

    I just adore Dr. Horrible's sing along--what a riot!

    Happy PFF!

  2. I hate when my covers get stolen. I will go get my own blanket if I have to.

  3. Fuller disclosure:
    I don't 'steal' the covers, Christine appears to 'give' them to me sometimes, perhaps because she always sleeps with at least one extra blanket on her side of the bed anyway...
    The Architect (not The Thief)

  4. What a blast - I'm going to check it out sometime today.

  5. brilliant! i LOVE joss whedon - buffy and firefly are some of my favourite shows. sadly hulu doesn't work for those of us outside the US however...



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