Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buffalo Pig Latin

San Francisco's Golden Gate Park doesn't look much like this anymore, but there is still a buffalo paddock and you can go look at them from 6am-8pm daily. The Bison were brought to Golden Gate Park in 1892, back when the animals were nearly extinct.
The message on the card appears to be written in Pig Latin!
Have you forgotten your high school Pig Latin? If so, Wikipedia is here to help:

The usual rules for changing standard English into Pig Latin are as follows:
  1. In words that begin with consonant sounds, the initial consonant or consonant cluster is moved to the end of the word, and "ay" is added, as in the following examples:

    • beasteast-bay
    • doughough-day
    • happyappy-hay
    • questionestion-quay
    • starar-stay
    • threeee-thray

  2. In words that begin with vowel sounds or silent consonants, the syllable "ay" is added to the end of the word.
Transcription varies. A hyphen or apostrophe is sometimes used to facilitate translation back into English. Ayspray, for instance, is ambiguous, but ay-spray means "spray" whereas ays-pray means "prays."


  1. I can't read the message. I'm surprised there are still animals in a city park.

  2. I'm even more surprised someone remembers how to translate pig latin!

    Oh they were crazy back in 1910, weren't they? Love seeing the messages from back then.

  3. There are more than two buffalo in Golden Gate Park, and you can really see them any time of day or night, assuming you have night goggles! You don't really want to be hanging around in the park at night. It's always fun to drive a tourist through Golden Gate Park past the buffalo paddock - they're always surprised!

    And who knew that pig latin was so old?

  4. fun postcard! I sure wish I could make my "m"s like that. What a great postcard site you have here :)

  5. What a fun postcard -- buffalo still roaming in Golden Gate Park! And, pig latin! Happy PFF!

  6. I have never seen the buffalo in San Francisco at the Golden Gate Park. Interesting postcard. Happy PFF.

  7. Great card and post. I ave-hay o-tay earn-lay ig-pay ati-layn ow-nay.

  8. I taught my kids Pig Latin over the summer! It was wonderful but tied my brain up into a big knot! The Buffalo in Golden Gate parks transports me to my childhood!

  9. Pig Latin?
    Das ist ja großartig.
    Kennst diu die Aslefas- Sprache.
    Die war sehr beliebt in deutschen Schulen
    Ichichlefich wünschünschlefünsch dirirlefir eineinlefein schönönlefön- eseslefes wochochlefoch-enendefen-deelefe (hihilefi)

  10. Hi!
    Beautiful postcard! I like all those great colors together. Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  11. Wonderful handwriting in colored ink to match the stamp! Happy PFF to you.

  12. Happy PFF - Ave-hay a-ay eat-gray ay-day!

  13. what a great find... and to know that it was pig latin!!!! thanks for sharing PFF

  14. I did not know that! Wonderful postcard! Happy PFF!



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