Saturday, January 2, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award

Many thanks to The Paper Collector for bestowing the One Lovely Blog Award on the Daily Postcard. The Paper Collector has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time, so I really do feel honored.

I guess this award means I have to wait a reasonable period of time before I post anything un-lovely with snarky commentary.  Actually, as a recipient of this award, the only requirement is that you paste the award logo on your blog, link to the person who awarded it to you, and award it to other blogs and link to them also.  I have links to other postcard sites on my blog, but this gives me the opportunity to also provide links to non-postcard blogs that I love. Some of my favorite blogs are not listed here though, because they don't seem to fit the category of "lovely." I think a new gender-neutral award is called for.

So here goes:
Tracy's Toys (and some other stuff)
Tracy is a children's librarian with an extensive toy collection and a knack for amusing commentary. Eventually her house will be a museum.

Vintage Postcard Gallery
This is a postcard blog with a combination of particularly beautiful cards and insightful commentary.

Who Moved My Cheese Straw
The description of this blog says it "reflects on etiquette's place in our everyday lives, plus what's new in the garden, hot in the teapot, and gracious on the table." It's so much more than that though and always an interesting read, especially for a northerner like me.

The Best Hearts Are Crunchy
I have been captivated by this blog ever since I read the explanation for its title.


  1. Congratulations Christine! Your blog definitely deserves the recognition!

  2. Congratulations und herzlichen Glückwunsch zu deinem Award

  3. congratulations christine...and THANK YOU for the nod! xxdebs



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