Sunday, January 31, 2010

Streetcar Sunday - Billings, Montana

This card was sent in 1912. The message reads:
Dear Corwin
How do you like the looks of the street scene ? The store is under the sign - "Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm." I like the place fine. My love to papa + mama. Grace

Perry McAdow, an early developer and entrepreneur, started Montana's first streetcar service in Billings with horse-drawn cars in 1882. The fare was 25 cents, and in an effort to get more riders, McAdow offered free beer at his store at the end of the line in Coulson, just outside Billings.  Or, perhaps he initiated streetcar service to bring more customers to his store. In any case, despite the free beer, the streetcar  went out of business within a year and development in Coulson never really flourished.

After that, there was no streetcar service in Billings for many years. Finally, in 1912, a new battery-operated streetcar service was started. It only lasted for five years.


  1. Ja Christine, genau!
    Salzburger Nockerl, heiss wie die Liebe und zart wie ein Kuß.
    Ich war mit meiner Mutter als Kind auch ganz oft im Haus der Natur.
    Ich war so beiendruckt von den Saurierskletten in der Halle und all den Scheusslichkeiten in den Glaesern, wie dem Kalb mit zwei Koepfen (he he).

  2. Just kidding. Read and delete this:
    Nice (synonim)...he says moving forward slowly.

    Streetcars move fast. :)



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