Saturday, January 23, 2010

Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky

Camp Zachary Taylor was opened in 1917 as a training camp for U.S. soldiers for WWI. it closed in 1920.  Camp Taylor is a now the name of a residential neighborhood in the same part of Louisville. Some of the original buildings remain and some of the bungalows and Cape Cod houses were built from the dismantled military buildings.
The Camp Zachary Taylor Historical Society has lots of additional information on the history of the camp.


  1. ah, my old stomping grounds... Great card.

  2. great card and great history behind the card.

  3. Christine, for the viewers, the image on the card is of the Headquarters Buildings. The street you are looking down is Taylor Avenue, looking west. Poplar Level Road is at your back. The crossroad in the background, running between the buildings is Redwood Drive. A bank is now located on the right side of road, Camp Taylor Park is on the left, past Redwood Drive. Ken M



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