Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greetings from the Seaside

The card and the message are not particularly well matched, but I think that's part of the appeal. The front of the card shows a very British or European looking beach scene.

The front and the back of the card both evoke the joys of summer; they just do it a little differently. Here's the back.
The card was sent to Gilbert Grinley of Warwick, North Dakota in July, 1909. Warwick currently has a population of 65, but back in 1909 the population may have been as high as 300. The message is priceless:

 July 18, 1909

Dear Cousin, How are you getting along? have you killed many gophers this summer? I wish you was here to help me pick strawberries the sloughs are chuck full of them this year. From your cousin Allfred


  1. It is a classic message. Kill those gophers and pick those strawberries. I like the illustration as it is so stylized.

  2. Oh this is priceless, I can relate to the gophers, or rather, moles and other such creatures that are tearing up my lawn! The Dakotas and Minnesota do have gopher troubles that is so true! Great photo, of a lovely time at the least we know where the main thoughts were lingering! Fun in the summertime!...and strawberries! Oh yes!

  3. I had no idea they had a seaside in Helena, ND, where the card was sent from (postmarked at least)... And didn't anyone ever tell these children to never turn their back on the ocean?!? - you never know when that 20' high sneaker wave is going to roll in.

  4. Delightful illustration, but the message is so funny. Naughty boy!

  5. They Could Even Have Drowned The Gophers!



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