Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving cards were very popular at the turn of the century. Many of the old Thanksgiving cards were focused on the hapless turkey. Not many people send cards for the holiday anymore, though people certainly do go to great lengths to share a feast with family and friends. If that's what you're doing, I hope you have a warm and happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving. I posted my Thanksgiving Fun postcard video. I have lots of Thanksgiving postcards with children, but I don't have the one with two boys that you posted.

  2. Charming!!! i love them. We should reinstate this practice of sending Thanksgiving cards. i love the turkey ones. Have a wonderful day, Christine.

  3. Quite a few different 'personality types' to the turkeys on those cards:
    1) sad turkey (I guess I'd be depressed too, given the circumstances...)
    2) mean turkey (bet his meat is tough too!)
    3) fun loving turkey (I wonder if pulling a carriage makes your feathers that brilliant?)
    4) hapless turkey (beware cute little pilgrims carrying a hammer suggesting you head in and join the festivities...)
    In the end it comes down to one common trait: the need for gravy. Enjoy-

  4. Great postcards. They are all so very colorful! It's too bad we don't have common postcards to send out that are as beautiful as the old ones we treasure. Happy Thanksgiving Christine!

  5. Well that first one's odd, isn't it? Is the little girl about to throw her skirt over the turkey to momentarily blind it while the other one tries to figure out how to get around the bench?

  6. In each postcard it is the turkey that speaks the caption to the postcard. Little do they know...

  7. Oh dear, poor unsuspecting Turkey.

  8. Very nice selection of Thanksgiving postcards....thanks for sharing!



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