Monday, November 7, 2011

The Wurst Family

Do you happen to recall a previous post of the Whole Dam Family?  No matter, I'll put it at the end of this post. The Whole Dam Family postcards were printed to publicize a movie entitled The Whole Dam Family and the Dam Dog. I am guessing that the following two cards were inspired by the Dam Family phenomenon.
First we have The Wurst Family. I never 'Sausage' Wursts.

Then we have the Gunn Family, with a message written in shorthand on the front.

Both of these cards were sent before 1907. There is no message on the back of the card because postal regulations didn't allow it until 1907. The first card was sent to David Kampf in Brooklyn, New York.

The second card was sent to Miss Lena Frink in Bryn Mawr, California.
According to Rootsweb, Lena Frink was born in 1881 in San Bernadino, California and died in Bryn Mawr, California in 1959.

Oh, and here's the Whole Dam Family, which may have served as the inspiration for the other two.


  1. These are so cute, I wish we had more humor like this out there in cards. I had a hard time finding good postcards while in California this past week, there used to be such a selection...not so much any more....and nothing as good as this! I had a large troll doll as a child, and on it's foot it said it was a Dam Doll production, I wonder if this family had anything to do with those! Something more to google! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Great cards, and the address side of the one to Lena Frink is such a beautiful design.

  3. Those cards are a riot! Love 'em -- and the shorthand. So funny (a lost language). I was just in Boston and hunted all over for postcards too. Unless you are in a really touristy area it seems no one sells them. Here in San Francisco, Grant Ave is Chinatown has loads of postcards for sale...

  4. I’m amazed at the three-line address. She must have been very well known!

  5. Turn of the century comic art was distinctive, wasn't it? And the shorthand? That's just odd!

  6. Some of the distinctive postcards from the past. Nice!

  7. Great little collection there. I haven't seen examples of these. But I'll be on the lookout now!



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