Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tram Tuesday - Dresden, Germany

Dresden has a long history as a center for transportation. The first horse-drawn streetcars started transporting passenger in 1872, but electric streetcars were already operating in 1893.  The city, along with the transportation network, was pretty much destroyed during World War II, but today the tram network is alive and well with twelve routes and 200 km of track. Here's a view of Dresden before it was bombed beyond recognition.

Here's an image of the square in 1950 taken by Roger Rössing and Renate Rössing. Note that two of the streetlights remain.

Here's the back of the card.


  1. All your tram-cards are very interesting, with excitng remembers.

  2. What a beautiful city....and why is it that life seemed so perfect for everyone back then...I know they had their share of troubles too, but it seems that always in these postcards that there is such a proudness that they want to share....postcards are not like this at all...and not just recently....at least not the postcards here in America. Makes you wonder are we what our postcards of today represent?

  3. Funny thing, if I go back a long, long time from now I do have postcards from around here, much like these grand old crds, but I beleive I'm going to ask my FB friends and family, dare to show me a psotcard of today with feeling and proudness....we'll see what they come up with...hopefully postcards will not fade away like hankerchiefs...right?!

  4. Cities that have trams and streetcars are so lucky. What a wonderful way to get around. We still have a number of them here in SF but many of the very old streetcar lines are sadly gone. That looks like a beautiful city!

  5. I thought of Slaughterhouse Five, also. Heartbreaking, what was destroyed.

    I have to catch up with your other Tram Tuesdays! Just posted a video tonight showing old streetcars in N.J., but parked, not in motion.

  6. Dear Daily Postcard,
    Do you own the picture rights to this lovely postcard of Dresden? If so I would like to use it in a film I'm making. Perhaps you could e-mail me at this address: nigel@nigeldick.com . Thankyou so much for your help.



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