Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Le Clou Du Voyage

I hope no unfortunate circumstances like this interfere with your weekend travels plans.

This card was sent to Mr. Jimmie Kearney in Washington D.C. from his sister in Switzerland in 1932.

The message reads:

Le Clou du Voyage - "The Cloud on the Trip" - or in other words - "the fly in the ointment." These babies are having a hard time. they have had a puncture! Today was Palm Sunday + tomorrow we are on Easter vacation. Miss Bahr (?) has to work part of the time tomorrow but we are going riding in the P.M. Wish you were here to go with us Jimmie - we would have such a good time. I will send you a picture of us soon. Hope you and Baby Brother are well + happy - much love from Lalla(?) Palm Sunday March 20


  1. Cute card, I suppose the flat (or 'puncture'...) wouldn't be the end of the world, but it does appear to be raining too, although the duck acting as hood ornament does not seem to consider that an issue- and the lass might just well be oblivious to everything, looking so starry eyed and all!

  2. So cute! The kids remind me of the Kewpie characters. I found a Tuck to post for tomorrow.

  3. Isn't it strange : you would have been able to make a good guess at the date from the handwriting style alone. Strange how they changed and shifted over the decades : and a shame that we have so few contemporary examples in this day of the computer and text message.



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