Monday, September 21, 2009


U.S. Army Post, so no postage required. It's December 16th, 1918 and WWI has been over for just over a month. Mail is still censored though, as evidenced by the stamp on this card from Harry Ellick to William Buckley.

The message reads:
Dear Mother and Father:
The picture shows a view along the river front, and where I passed to-day while in Dunkirk. I am about three miles or so, from Dunkirk, where the Hotel casino is, and I hopped the car, in _______
The stores are all open at this place, and there are civilians there. There is a pretty good harbor there, although I did not get to see much of it. Many french, british and U.S. soldiers in town, strolling around. There was a good wind up today and the sea was kind of rough. Hope that you are all well.
Best wishes.
Pvt. Harry Ellick, Evac Hosp. No.5,
American Ex. Force.
Dunkirk, France, 16 Dec., 1918

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