Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh, Ida!

Ida wrote this card in 1913, while she was living in Apple Valley, California (also the home and final resting place of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans.)

Here is the sad text of her card:

May 3, Apple Valley
Have moved out in country.
Dear Aunt
I have wrote a card to John this morning. It was not that I did not want to write or that I do not care for the boy but I did not no what to say. They were taken from me by law, so I am mother in name only. I have no right to control them, same as a strainger. Robert is so bad I don't know what will come of him. It has been hard for me and hard for them, but we will hope they will turn out good with a little love.
(can't make out last sentence)


  1. Wow...seems people struggle with their children no matter what century, or how long ago. Poor Ida.

  2. Apple Valley is where ROY Rogers & Dale Evans are buried. Thanks for your interesting blog.

  3. Thanks for the correction. I changed it. Good to see that people are paying attention.



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