Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eastern Airlines Silverliner

What a view!
Eastern Airlines existed from 1926-1991. In the 1930s flying ace, Captain Eddie Rickenbacher took over as CEO of Eastern Airlines. One of the first things he did was replace the existing fleet with  Douglas DC-2s (and Lockheed 10A Electras.) At the time, the DC-2 was able to reduce the flying time between New York and Miami to 8 hours, making it very popular. Note: current flying time is just over 3 hours.
The plane on the top card is almost surely a DC-2. I'm not certain about the the card that shows the interior, because I thought DC-2s were 14-seaters. Could it be a DC-3?


  1. I think Eastern Airlines existed in 1921. Awesome inside look of this airline.Great picture, Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Hi Gerry,
    Thanks for stopping by. I checked on the dates and it looks like, officially at least, Eastern Airlines didn't exist until 1930, although its predecessor Pitcairn Aviation formed in either 1926 or 1927, depending on the source.



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