Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Don't Call after 9 pm!

The Oakland Bay Bridge was just a baby in 1944 when this postcard was written. Pvt. Frank Gruber didn't have to pay any postage either, because it was free for the military. He wrote this postcard to his wife on September 18, 1944. In case you don't want to strain your neck, here's the text:
Dear Anna!
I'm in Frisco since last nite. Was trying to find Schuman, but they sold the place and moved. I found their address in the phone book and called last nite but nobody was home or they were in bed, it was 11 pm when I called. I'm trying to call em now. Let you know how I make out. ??
Love+Kisses Frank

It's probably just as well that there weren't any answering machines or caller ID in 1944, because I think Frank might have been cut off by his friends.


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