Monday, September 28, 2009

Elko, Nevada

I had a special request from Grace for a postcard from Nevada, so here it is. This postcard, circa 1950, is from a lovely motel in Elko, Nevada. Elko is located between Salt Lake City, Utah and Reno on US 80.  It's the biggest city between Salt Lake and Reno! In 1950, the population of Elko was about 5,400.
Every year in January, Elko hosts the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Elko also hosts the National Basque Festival in July. If they serve those tasty Basque croquettes, I might have to go. Elko and Winnemucca are the places to go if you want to find Basque restaurants.


  1. Great, now I'm hungry. I've seen a lot of motel cards but "Motel Contract Supply Co." as a postcard publisher is a new one.

  2. They probably provided toilet paper,soap bars, and postcards. One-stop shopping!

  3. That motel looks like the numerous ones that we stayed in during the road trips of my childhood in the 70s. I suppose between the 50s and 70s those things hadn't changed much.

    Looking back now they look charming in a way that the big hotel chains can't.



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