Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alternative Transportation- The Silla

Looking at this picture, you wonder why the Cargador ( carrier or loader) doesn't transport his passenger in a wheeled vehicle. Although the pavement here looks flat, these chairs, known as Sillas, were preferred over wheeled transport in areas of Latin America with steep terrain and unpaved roads. The chair is supported by a rope or band that goes around the top of the carrier's head. Additional support is supplied by ropes held by the carrier or by the carrier holding on to chair legs. On a steep uphill climb, the passenger would be facing downhill. Although the passenger was most likely strapped to the chair, it looks very precarious.

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  1. Christine, To me the most intriguing thing about this card is that it was mailed to the Orpheum Theater. That conjures up images of Vaudeville performers on tour and someone reading this card in their grungy dressing room while putting on makeup for the next show. On with the show, Leah



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