Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Alternative Transportation -The Gama

The caption under this photo says "A Lady on the Chair Korean Gustoms." Litters and sedan chairs were used in many countries, including England, China, Turkey, and Korea. They were being used in one form as early as 250 BC. designs varied from one culture to another and also changed over time. Some were elegant and elaborately decorated and designed for use by royalty and other elite individuals. Others were fairly basic and used for public conveyance, similar to taxi service.

In Korea, the chairs were known as gama. They were generally used for royalty and government officials. They were also used for weddings though, with the bride and groom arriving in separate gamas. This one shown on this card is most likely a wedding gama, because it is relatively plain compared to the elaborate ones used by royalty and government. As with the Latin American Silla (see yesterday's post), gamas were preferred over wheeled transportation because of uneven terrain and lack of paved roads.

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