Sunday, October 18, 2009

Streetcar Sundays - Detroit without Automobiles

Just in case you missed last Sunday, I will be posting a street scene featuring streetcars every Sunday. Last week was Boston, This week it's Detroit, Michigan.
Detroit was a transportation hub long before the automobile. At the turn of the century Detroit was also known as the "Paris of the West" because of its beautiful architecture. Henry Ford built his first automobile here in 1896 and founded the Ford Motor Co. in 1904.  However, there is not a single automobile on the Detroit streets of  this picture, only streetcars and horse-drawn carriages.
The card was sent in 1907 and the message on the front reads:
How are you all. Maggie and I here for a few days.
4/22/07 Charles


  1. interesting how the sender has treated the postcard as if it is an old undivided back card, with the message on the image side and the address across the entire back even though there's actually space for message AND address!

  2. A great card of Detroit without cars. do you know that I remember streetcars when I was very, very young that ran on Junction Blvd, in Corona, N>Y> There were train tracks in the road for a long time after the streetcars went away...

  3. Debs,
    You're absoutely right. I guess old habits die hard.

  4. I love looking back at the past like this. And since I am from the Detroit area, I really enjoyed this!

    Have a great day!



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