Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beautiful Carolinas

Here are some scenes from a 1942 postcard folder of North and South Carolina. I wonder if ladies in the Carolinas really wear high heels with their bathing suits.


  1. Some men fall head-over-heels, others fall heels-over-head, others have narrower scopes, and yet others don't fall for anything.
    Ladies use them (the high-heeled shoes) just in case. And the swimsuit just in showcase. Beautification, or so they hope.
    What many ladies don't know is that WARDROBE is not NEARLY as important as their AVAILABILITY (no, not for comment) and their NON-FUSSY attitude.
    Who cares if the shoes match the purse, or something?

  2. I'm following :)

  3. I just love the artwork on the front and back of postcard folders. Unfortunately the interior images are often inferior to those found on "stand alone" postcards. (although the "Underground Fairyland" card looks great!)

  4. Yes, they do wear heels at the pool, so as to be more intimidating while guarding the diving board and ladder.

  5. Love the watermelon eater, are you sure this wasn't from 1842 ?? The great equalizer for women in heels is taking a walk on the beach...



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