Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Keokuk, Iowa

Here are some views from a postcard folder of Keokuk, Iowa. Today the town has a population of about 10,400, with lots of historic buildings and attractions.

Here's a view of Main Street, which looks very much the same today, except for the cars.

And here's a great view of the generator room at the power plant.

Here's a view of the Union Depot in better days. It's still standing, but has fallen into disrepair. The City of Keokuk bought the building in 2010 for $1 so they could add it to the National Historic Register, making it eligible for federal preservation grants.

The Hotel Iowa, built in 1913, is also still standing and was renovated in 2006.


  1. I love the generator room postcard. I wish I can have on of that, too!

  2. These nostalgic postcards really add...perspective! :)

  3. That generator room reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's movie "Modern Times"

  4. As a collector, I love the generator room. I wouldn't expect that kind of view to be popular with average postcard users though.

  5. Fun, fun! The generator room is certainly unique.

  6. That generator room reminds me of the power station where my grandfather worked in the 1960s. They were surprisingly clean and shiny!

  7. Great pix, nice Main St and love the power plant- straight out of 'Metropolis', also reminds me of my visit to the generator room at Bonneville dam a while back. Keokuk sounds like a fairly enlightened town saving/restoring all these old buildings!



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