Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fountain of Youth

Here are a couple of trade cards from the 1880s. These products are sure to take years off your appearance, especially the Laird's Bloom of Youth and White Lilac Soap.

Here's the back of the card. You can buy this at Sager & Jennings Druggist in Cortland, New York if they're still in business.

I know it's done wonders for me. You can see on my new profile picture that I now look much younger.  If only I hadn't followed it up with those Carter's Iron pills. I feel like they gave me an odd coloring.


  1. Dang, Christine, you've got more ephemera than Carter's got pills! (heh heh) I love those old advertising cards.

  2. Well, even though Christine is having second thoughts about the Carter's Iron Pills, I for one am glad she took them because she was definitely showing all those forms of 'Female Weakness'... Now the 'Bloom of Youth' soap is what worries me, because if it makes your lips scrunch up to a little blob in the middle and also turns your hand into an ambiguous mass with twisted stubs for fingers like it did on the model, I don't want any of that stuff coming thru our front door!

  3. I need some of this fountain of youth! ; )

  4. I LOVE the fonts used on the Carter's Iron Pills! As for your iron intake, just keep it to you pill a day please! Haha.

  5. "Ladies afflicted with tan..."haha! A hundred years later and women are dying to get a tan....



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