Tuesday, August 23, 2011

El Paso, Texas

Nellie M.H. King Taylor sent this wonderful postcard folder to Mrs. John Decker in Meeker, Ohio in 1949. I can't fit all the great views on one post, so I'll put up some more tomorrow. El Paso looks like a relatively quiet place in these pictures; at the time it had a population of just under 130,000.  It has since grown to almost 650,000.


  1. Love the cowgirl sitting on top of the state. And I love those folding postcards...

  2. Beautiful, nostalgic postcards...:)

  3. The images make it look almost quaint, if sprawling- friends of mine that grew up there said it was a hell hole...

  4. Love the stadium. It's so precise. And the plaza is really great.

  5. love the foldout postcards!!
    the cowgirl on it is fabulous!!.. definitely TEXAS!!!
    they sure made El Paso look inviting!!1

  6. Any sentence that combines any part of Texas with hell hole, I have to agree with:) What's strange is my life in Texas wasn't THAT bad. I just didn't want to be there! And when you ride Amtrak across Texas, you think you're never going to get out alive......Despite my feelings, I can see the lovely graphic appeal in the postcard design:)



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