Monday, August 15, 2011

Japan- Post WWII

After World War II, a little boy named Jerry lived in the house next to the one I live in now. He became pen pals with a little boy in Japan. Here are some of the postcards Jerry received from his pen pal.

National Diet Building

Desolate Moon by Tadaichi Hayashi 

Early Autumn on a Hill by Masao Kato
Here are the backs of the cards. I don't understand any Japanese, so any input is appreciated.


  1. What was the significance of the harmonica I wonder?

  2. I don't read any Japanese either but I love the images Arigato.

  3. These are absolutely beautiful. The postcard one he top is absolutely stunning.

  4. Those are beautiful cards. The second one is my favorite.

  5. Wow, those are awesome postcards! I've never seen those. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  6. Graphics on the first one are awesome, second one's gauzy moonlit harmonica serenade is interesting, but I like the 3rd one best for its young Japanese Bob Dylan leading the flock quality....

  7. The harmonica that a military outfit of some sort that he's wearing?

  8. Way cool! The illustrations are great. What a neat connection with the Pen Pal.

  9. Hi, I am Japanses.
    By the order from the top:
    1. National Diet Building
    2. Desolate moon, by Tadaichi Hayashi (from 5. the back of this post card)
    3. Early Autumn on a hill, by Masao Kato

  10. Thanks so much for the translation!



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