Friday, August 19, 2011

Social Club in Havana, Cuba

The Asociacion de Dependientes del Comercio is one of the oldest and most important social clubs in Havana.  From my limited understanding of Spanish, it seems that the Asociacion de Dependientes del Comercio was the birthplace of the Cuba Fencing Federation.

Most of us have heard of the Buena Vista Social Club, but members-only social clubs have been a long-standing tradition in Cuba. They were cultural and social centers, where members could go to hear music and dance...and maybe gamble too. Social clubs were often segregated by social class and race or ethnicity.

Gerardo sent his regards to Miss Debbie Maris of Wilmington, Delaware.

Here's another view of Cuba. The writer of the card seems to have been called away on urgent business before even finishing the address. This was back in the days when U.S. citizens could visit Cuba without any restrictions. It's not impossible now, but it's a little more difficult.


  1. Such an interesting story around such charming post cards...I bet the great Ernest Hemingway made time to check this all out in his day as well!

  2. There's a lot that we don't know much Cuba. :) Nice cards!

  3. Hello Christine,
    Neat old cards of Cuba. I hear it is amazingly beautiful there because of it's
    un-industrialized setting. They say the coral reefs there are some of the healthiest in the world. Makes me kinda wanna go visit! Have a great week!

  4. Cuba had much to offer in it's time...maybe someday it will have the chance to return to it's beauty and glory!

  5. I wonder if the Van Winkle sisters were related to Rip.

  6. such a beautiful postcard! I was at a flea market once in the UK and managed to grab a couple of old vintage postcards! Truly love them!

  7. Great cards! I especially love the church. I would very much like to visit Cuba.



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