Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy New Year, Herr Stoltz

Adolf Stoltz moved from Markirch, Germany to Lawrence, Massachusetts. Markirch became part of France after World War I, but by then Herr Stoltz had been in Massachusetts for a number of years.
This is a card wishing Herr Stoltz a Happy New year. It was postmarked on Christmas Day, 1910.

And here's the back of the card.

The handwriting is not so tidy, and it's that awful old German script, but I was able to make some of it:

Dear Friend I wish you a Happy New Year...We received your package with joy. Thank you for that....Greetings from Schweigert Henri.


  1. Why would she hide the bottle behind her? Didn't she hear about the c(h)ampa[i]gn(e) "No bottle left behind!"?

  2. She's looking very provocative in her pose.....!I really enjoy reading the little notes on these postcards...sometimes it feel like you're walking into a moment of their day! Very cool!

  3. Very nice postcard and a lovely Christmas day cancellation!



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