Thursday, July 22, 2010

Picadilly Circus

Wow, the backside includes a quote from the Prime Minister. Which Prime Minister? Does it matter? It seems to me it does.  It turns out this quote is from Winston Churchill, from a 1940 speech calling all men to fight against the Nazis. So, why don't they include his name?

And here's another view from a little later:

I love all of the ads, and I'm glad to know that Guinness is good for you. Bovril is also front and center. Don't tell anyone, but I actually like the stuff.

This card was sent in 1954, though the picture is from an earlier date. Here's the back, with no quote from any Prime Minister:

The message to the H. Hieronimus Family reads:
I expect Char will remember this spot. Lots of nite life
Leaving in 1/2 hour for Brussels, beautiful country you bet. Love Uncle Henry

Earlier this year, the Vintage Postcard Gallery blog featured another Valentine's postcard of Piccadilly Circus. It seems full of traffic just like these, but there is not an advertisement to be seen, which I find peculiar.  I guess it was  limited to one part of the intersection. Be sure to take a look at the other post here, because Debs will actually tell you about Piccadilly Circus too, something I neglected to do.


  1. Wonderful cards and I love that quote! Have a great day!

  2. Wunderschön. Ich fahre im Oktober wieder für ein paar Tage nach London, allerdings nicht allein, sondernmit einer Jugendgruppe.
    Arbeit könnte schlimmer sein als meine ;0)

  3. Ja, vielleicht, Janine...aber wenn es eine wilde Jugendgruppe ist?! Sie sind dir aber warscheinlich schon bekannt.

  4. Wow !! This set of cards is just amazing !!!

  5. I have a keen interest in postcards so your blog fascinates me.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  6. The one with the Churchill quote is interesting. The photograph is probably pre-war as most of the signs were switched off during the war.

  7. love the picadilly! Great blog too!

  8. I love seeing postcards of the same thing from different perspectives or time periods! The color in the second card is spectacular.

  9. Why do I spend time thinking about the facades of the buildings I design when they are just going to become ads for gin, gum, beer, etc anyway?



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