Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tracy Settles Down

Well, from this postcard it would appear that our favorite character, Tracy Graham, settled down and got married. Unfortunately, the date is illegible and we don't have a clue to his wife's first name. 

The message to Mrs. Tracy Graham says:
Hello! how are the measles. I don't know what will come next, twins I guess. We haven't the mumps yet but am looking for them any day. Hope you will be better of the measley things when I hear from you again. cordially  Blanche M.S.

More on Tracy Graham here and here.


  1. I am getting hooked on the developing story of Tracy. Are we assuming that Tracy is the husband's name rather than the wifes?

  2. What a treasure! Love these interesting messages on the vintage cards!

  3. More news on Tracy, please! Inquiring minds want to know:)ha!

  4. Well, Trishia - since you asked, more on the way.



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