Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where You Could Be

Contemplating a Summer getaway? Here are some ideas:

We'll get those cows to mosey along and then we can take a dip in that pool.

Or, how about the Country Squire Motel in Knoxville, Tennessee? It has a putting green (not shown):

But this looks like the nicest swimming pool, and the scenery is terrific. It's the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel in British Columbia:

L. Bush stayed there in 1952 and had this to say:
Hi neighbor! Believe it or not I might be getting home the last of this week. Took a trip up into Canada with my family and we stayed here one night. Fine scenery.
Do you still have Hay's Dairy? You might have the driver leave a bottle of milk for me Friday. Have him charge it to me.
L. Bush.


  1. I agree with you on the scenery and pool at the Harrison HSH, but the Country Squire has color tv in the lobby - it's hard to beat that! And, how great would it be to have milk delivery when you're at home - that's better than a putting green!

  2. Great postcards and love the note! Wish things were so friendly in neighborhoods these days!

  3. Friendly neighbors and milk delivered to the door. I like it too.

  4. The Country Squire looks awfully inviting! A heated pool, a putting green, and color TV in the lobby? The girls of Knoxville never had a chance!

  5. Great bunch of options! The town of Green River, Utah may not be much, but the course of the river it is named after is- from the mountains of Wyoming, thru Flaming Gorge in Utah, then on to Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado where it joins the Yampa River before turning south and flowing thru Canyonlands National park, and eventually joining the Colorado River at Glen Canyon before it continues on to the Grand Canyon- wow!!
    I'm not surprised to see that the Bush's were already putting things on the charge account way back when...

  6. A great selection of pools. In this unusually warm weather we have been having lately I am drawn to them.



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