Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pug Postcards

It seems to be a sad day for pug puppies today:

Here are the backs of the cards in the same order:
The message reads:
Nov. 11 - 09
Give my regards to Bonner and Mikie. Am in Tiffin until Sunday.
Helen B.


  1. Der kleine Schatz wird ganz bestimmt gelient.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I love these - the V Colby dog postcards are so interesting. The pugs (and other dogs he sometimes drew) are so cute, but the captions are so sad! I love the pug puppy!

  3. They are such sweet cards. I have an old card with a donkey on it but it doesn't say nice stuff.

  4. The font used to create the "Postcard" on the back of the first card looks so much like the style I recall drawing and doodling in high school in the '70s, the fat, bulging letters (actually a leftover from the '60s I think --very "mod" style.) Truly, what goes around comes around. Nothing new, just recycled:)



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