Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nicer Than The Sea


  1. Is this beach beauty:
    A) Tripping over a sea turtle's nest of eggs?
    B) Being sucking into a vacuum created by a rip tide?
    C) Floating on air due to the attention from the two dolts bobbing in the surf?

    I sure hope it is one of the first 2... very fun card!

  2. She's jumping up and down trying to alert the swimmers to yonder shark. Alas, they were so intent on admiring her that they didn't listen. So sad.

  3. geeze, I was so busy assessing the girl's situation that I didn't notice the shark either, thanks!

  4. There is a whole genre of saucy seaside postcards over in this country that stretches back 100 years or more. I assume it is the same in America.

  5. Yes, Alan, we have those too - or had them anyway. They fell out of favor at some point. The humor was, of course, always very low-brow.



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