Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reuben and Mandy Visit New York

The idea behind this card is that the ridiculously dressed country bumpkins are so overwhelmed by the tall buildings in New York City that all they can do is look up. The name Reuben is not a coincidence either. The nickname for Reuben is Rube. Here's the definition from Merriam Webster:
Pronunciation: \ˈrüb\
Function: noun
Etymology: Rube, nickname for Reuben
Date: 1891
1 : an awkward unsophisticated person : rustic
2 : a naive or inexperienced person

This card is greatly enhanced by the message. The sender, undoubtedly a country bumpkin himself, seems to have relished the humor. Here's the message side of the card:

The message sent to Miss Alta Bonney in 1908, reads:

We are nearly through haying would have got done if it had not rained this week. from your friend Charlie


  1. New York! Just like I pictured it! I don't care how sophisticated you are, the first time you're in the Big Apple, you can't help but look up. A lot.

  2. What a great image! Interesting info on the name, too!

  3. I find the tall buildings fascinating. I don't care for the super busy streets and constant barrage of noises, however.

  4. My husband just brought back a shoebox FULL of postcards from his grandmother's home. Apparently, it was his great-grandmother's collection, and the eighth of them I managed to go through show correspondence from family in Aberdeen starting as early as 1902... and they just keep coming in from her family in Aberdeen and the children she eventually has (the cards start as being delivered to her and her sister in Portland when they were single apparently) and then she has kids and they just wander all over the American map all through to the sixties, and there are postcards upon postcards... I will start posting some of the more interesting ones. :)

  5. So, Rube I get, what about Mandy? Suggestion of an early appreciation of Barry Manilow? It's nice being naive sometimes, keeps things interesting...

  6. Wonderful card. We are visiting New York next year and it would have made a perfect card to send home.



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