Monday, July 26, 2010

Sweet 16 - Grit and Oyster Shells

It's hard to read, but on the front of the card, written in glitter, is the inscription: Compliments of F. L. Jennings. Why someone who sold cholera cure, lice killer, and poultry panacea would produce a card with a beautiful young lady on it is a little puzzling to me, but what is the appropriate card for products like that?


  1. I guess someone who sells those products has to find a way to get people to keep the advertising card :-0

  2. Strangely, dare I say it, with the red, slightly demonic. It seems so odd on so many levels. Come hither glance and then the message. Why did they choose red and black?

    Looking around online there are quite a few cards by D. Hillson, most comical. Your card is actually the nicest I saw of Hillson's work.

  3. In the words of John Lennon, most peculiar mama...



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